All seminars takes place in Copenhagen Vineyard.
Address: Nyvej 7, 1851 Frederiksberg 



Friday 27th – 15.30-16.30 

Seminar 1: The Inevitability of Conflict as a leader in a Vineyard Church 

After 24 years of serving as a pastor in the Vineyard, I have learnt that Conflict can be done in a Loving & Life Transforming way, but that TAKES Courage!

Speaker: Tom Murphy

Room: Church Hall



Seminar 2: High impact living – how the best leaders lead themselves and others 

Speaker: Per Christian Lunde

Room 2: Basement Café



Seminar 3:The next step into leading the next generation.”

Panel discussion and interviews 

How can you as a young person take the next step in leadership and lead the next generation? The Vineyard Nordic Youth team will share their own stories of how they stepped into leadership as a young person and discuss how we can see, lead and equip the next generation. 


Vineyard Nordic Youth Team
John and Lina Skoglund
John Hedén and Caroline Lunde

Room 1: Basement Café







Saturday 28th – 15.30-16-30

Seminar 1: Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership

There are moments when our leadership feels like a piece of clothing pulled out of the closet for a particular occasion rather than something that flows from a deep inner well. Some of us know that we are losing bits and pieces of our soul every day, and we are scared that we might go over the edge. Others of us are still hanging in there, but we are not sure how long we will last. All of us have watched ministry friends and colleagues endure burnout, heartbreak, failure or  betrayal so profound that they left ministry.

Spiritual leadership emerges from our willingness to stay involved with our own soul—that place where God’s Spirit is at work stirring up our deepest questions and longings to draw us deeper into relationship with him.

In this seminar we will deal with ”The practice of Paying Attention”, ”Living Within Your Limits”, ”The Loneliness of Leadership” and other practical issues.

Speaker: Norbert Bauer

Room: Church Hall



Seminar 2: Good questions are hard to answer- how do we embrace the questions of children?

Children have an incredible ability to ask questions, that are hard to answer. If we want to have open and upbuilding conversations with children about God, life and spirituality, we need to not only ask them questions but be open to their questions as well.

Anne Thompson is going to share why questions are an integral part of children’s spirituality and why we need to work intentionally with questions in order to help children connect with God.

Speaker: Anne Klitgaard Thompson. Anne is a pastor in the Methodist Churches in Vejle and Aarhus, Denmark and has    studied Children’s spirituality and Faith at Cliff College in the UK. 

Room 2: Basement Café



Seminar 3: Sunday service – do’s and don’ts

What is the purpose of the Sunday service? 

How we as a Church Family in all generations serve our city most effectively in Worship, Teaching and Fellowship. How to intentionally built up our Sunday services to be more relevant and inclusive for new people. A practical reflections on practice and Q & A. 

Speaker: Flemming Mølhede

Room 1: Basement Café