March 9-11, 2023


All main sessions will be held at The Temple and Copenhagen Vineyard.
Please see the addresses here: 

The Temple – Frederiksberg Allé 9, 1621 Frederiksberg, Denmark

København Vineyard – Nyvej 7, 1851 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Who is it for?

If you’re interested in being encouraged, challenged and inspired, The Leaders Summit is for you!

The Vineyard Nordic Leaders Summit is a gathering for all types of leaders. We want to encourage, inspire, and challenge you! Our main sessions will take place at The Temple (Frelsens Hær) and our seminars will take place at Copenhagen Vineyard – a short walk from The Temple.

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Welcome to Vineyard Nordic Leaders Summit 2023

Join us in Copenhagen! We are so expectant for all that God will do as we gather together from our Nordic countries.

Our theme this year is Inside Out – The need to lead from a healthy place. This year our focus will be on growing a healthy spirituality that comes from a life lived from the inside out.

We expect God to challenge and encourage us at this Summit through inspiring teachings and worship, but also through fellowship and conversations with one another over coffee and meals. Summit is a great time to connect and make new friends.

Everyone is welcome to join our Vineyard Nordic Leaders Summit 2023.

Flemming Mølhede, Vineyard Nordic Director

Parking and public transportation

The nearest parking house is Codanhus Q-Park

If you choose to park in the street, please make sure to read the signs and parking disc accurately and be sure to park within the parking zone. 

It is easy to get to the venue by public transportation. The new metro line stops only 500 meters from the Conference venue. Frederiksberg Alle is the closest metro station (3 minute walk)

The Temple is only a 7 min walk from Vineyard Copenhagen, where some of the afternoon activities and seminars will be held.


Conference – Hang Out 

After each evening session, you are welcome to hang out at the bar Frederik VI. This is a great way to socialize and meet new friends. Address: Frederiksberg Allé 42, 1820 Frederiksberg

For Children

If you brought your child with you to Summit, there is a room on the ground floor of the Temple, with toys and snacks which is available on Friday and Saturday from 9:45-12:30. Please ask a volunteer for more information!


Meals are not included in the registration fee.

You can buy your lunch and dinner at one of the many cafées, bakeries and restaurants nearby.

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All the sessions will be in English. 

Meet our speakers

We have the privilege to welcome amazing speakers at Vineyard Nordic Leaders Summit.

International speakers

The Vineyard Nordic Leaders Summit is a gathering for all types of leaders. We want to encourage, inspire, and challenge you! Our main sessions will take place at The Temple (Frelsens Hær) and our seminars will take place at Copenhagen Vineyard - a short walk from The Temple.
9 March



16.30 – Pastors Gathering, Copenhagen Vineyard, Nyvej 7 
18.00 – Registration opens (at the Temple)
18.15 – Coffee
19.00 – Evening session

10 March



9.15 – Morning Coffee
9.45 – Morning Session 
11.20 – Coffee Break
11.35 – Morning Session
12.30 – Lunch Break
14.30 – Seminars
15.30 – Coffee Break
16.15 – Seminars
17.00 – Dinner Break 
18.30 – Doors Open
19.00 – Evening Session

11 March



9.15 – Morning Coffee
9.45 – Morning Session 
11.20 – Coffee Break
11.35 – Morning Session 
12.30 – Lunch Break 
12.30 – Worshippers lunch
14.30 – Seminars
15.30 – Coffee Break
17.00 – Dinner Break
18.30 – Doors Open 
19.00 – Evening Session

Pre-Summit Events
For worshipers and youth leaders


Since we are gathering for our Vineyard Nordic Summit, and we are having National Summer Camps in the Summer, we want to invite all the worshipers in our Nordic countries and churches to come a day early and spend time together as a Nordic worship community.

We want to inspire, encourage, equip and build valuable relationships across countries and churches, as we grow and develop in each of our countries – and we will of course worship together and pray for each other. 

Place: Copenhagen Vineyard, Nyvej 7, Frederiksberg
Price: € 11 (approx. 80 DKK) – for lunch Wednesday and fika during the gathering  
Accommodation: Wherever you planned to stay anyways for the Summit.
Registration: You register and pay for the gathering when you register for the Vineyard Nordic Leaders Summit (it is a separate ticket).

Wednesday – March 8th

12.00 – Welcome and lunch
13.00 – Worship, message & ministry time
15.00 – Fika
15.30 – Prayer in small groups 
17.00 – Teaching 
18.00 – Dinner at a local restaurant
19.30 – Worship circle, message & prayer over each country

Thursday – March 9th

10.00 – Worship & communion
10.30 – Morning session

End by lunch time with time to rest before the Summit starts.


Thursday – March 9th

We want to invite you who are a youth leader, or would like to serve in youth ministry in our Vineyard Nordic churches, to come and spend time together the day prior to our annual Vineyard Nordic Summit. We will have a gathering for fellowship and building community, seeking God’s heart for the youth in prayer, as well as being equipped and encouraged as leaders.

This year we are blessed to have Susie Aldridge and Zeke Rink with us. They are leading the youth movement within the Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland, and will be with us this day as well as at the Summit. 

We meet at Copenhagen Vineyard 09:30-16:00.


All seminars takes place in Copenhagen Vineyard (Nyvej 7, 1851 Frederiksberg) from 14.30 – 15.30
9 March


Alexander Venter: LGBTQ+ and The Bible: Interpreting the Scriptures (1)

Alexander will explain how the Bible is interpreted in regard to LGBTQ+ practice and the underlying beliefs and ideology:

Both the ‘affirming’ position that supports LGBTQ+ practice and beliefs, and the ‘non-affirming’ position that disagrees with LGBTQ+ practice and beliefs.


Zeke Rink: Developing tomorrow’s leaders

‘Developing tomorrow’s leaders’ – Your greatest accomplishment may not be something you do but someone you raise. The church needs to raise up the emerging generation, young people are more of a gift than we know and more of a blessing than we might truly understand. Come and explore 5 C’s of raising up young people to lead in our churches, in society and culture.

10 March


Norbert Bauer: The Seasons of your Heart – moving from Glory to Glory

As God continues to invite us to come further in and as we continue to respond to the different seasons of our journey, our truest and best self will be reclaimed and restored to its original holy design. We will no longer be defined and held back by false narratives and negative labels. We will move from knowing ourselves by “What we Are” to freely living as “Who we Are” – our God-given identity.


Carsten Lind: Paradox leadership

In this seminar we will explore paradox leadership. Reflecting on questions like: what might happen when we as leaders face a paradox and what can we do to get a good outcome. Paradoxes are the two sides of the same coin – sides that are “contradictory yet interrelated elements that exist simultaneously and persist over time”.

Faith and church life is full of paradoxes such as grace and the law, the now and the not yet, seeking the lost and making disciples, work and rest, and renewal and traditions.

Paradoxes are full of tension and conflicts, and therefore we might want to avoid them. But paradoxes, tension, or conflicts are neither good nor bad but the manner in which they are handled can lead to good or bad outcome. Paradoxes, tension, and conflicts contain potential for development when dealt with in a good manner. Hear how we can prepare ourselves for when we encounter paradoxes as the above.


Alexander Venter: LGBTQ+ and The Church: Pastoral practice (2)

Alexander will discuss the Church’s practical engagement with the LGBTQ+ community. How do we welcome and walk with LGBTQ+ while upholding the Biblical teaching regarding LGBTQ+ practice? Can they become church members? What about baptism, the Lord’s Supper, ministry and leadership participation? Where do we ‘draw the line’ as it were?   


The prices for registration are: 

  • Standard fee:  €79 (Approx. 865 SEK 590 DKK) – Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Family-Flex: €79 (Approx. 865 SEK 590 DKK) – For families with small children only – 2 parents can share one ticket (only counts when buying a ticket for the entire conference, not a single day pass)
  • Evening pass: €18 (Approx. 190 SEK 130 DKK) – Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening  (19.00 – 21.30)
  • Single day pass: €34 (Approx. 365 SEK 250 DKK) – Friday or Saturday
  • Two day pass: €64 (Approx. 690 SEK 470 DKK) – Friday & Saturday
  • One and a half day pass: €49 (Approx. 530 SEK360 DKK) – Thursday & Friday or Saturday


Our wildcard ticket options are for students and unemployed 

  • Wildcard – Standard fee: €54 (Approx. 580 SEK395 DKK) – Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Wildcard – Evening pass: €11 (Approx. 115 SEK80 DKK)  –  Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening  (19.00 – 21.30) 
  • Wildcard – Single day pass: €24 (Approx. 265 SEK180 DKK) –  Friday or Saturday
  • Wildcard – Two day pass: €45 (Approx. 490 SEK335 DKK) – Friday & Saturday
  • Wildcard – One and a half day pass: €34 (Approx. 365 SEK250 DKK)  – Thursday & Friday or Saturday